Consultancy on international tendering

We assist companies in entering or expanding into foreing markets through the Access to Multilateral Market Opportuninties (Tenders and Projects) funded by the multilateral Institutions as well as to the tenders of other national, regional or local governments from third countries.

The Multilateral Institutions operate with tightly regulated procedures that is is neccesary to know before operating in this market.

We offer the Tender Management and the Technical advisory service required for participation on this Bidding Process.

Intended for

Any company or institution, regardless of size, SMEs and Large businesses. Generally, in response to an international tender is necessary to create a consortium composed of companies with different areas of expertise.

Regardless of their area of activity or expertise. There calls for tenders in all areas of activity and knowledge.

Universities, Social Organizations, Clusters…

Already formed companies wishing to bid jointly.

Companies that want to outsource their international departments.

The services are

International Tender Alert Service

We inform you of all development aid tenders financed by the worlds’ major funding agencies

Expression of Interest

Administrative workload and submission of Expression of Interest

Creation of Consortium

Creation of the international consortium : looking for partners to access to multidisciplinary large- scale projects


Direct Communication with the Institutions

Terms of References

Analysis and Evaluation of the Bidding Terms and Conditions

Technical and Economic Proposal

Customer Assistance for the preparation of the Technical and Economic Proposal


Coordination of the Consortium

Advice During the Execution

Advice during the Project Execution

In Summary

The International Bidding is for any company or organization that wants to open new markets and new forms of business and expand its international presence, or more briefly still, wanting to get Awarding contracts beyond its borders