Abrigo Consulting

We provide Consultancy Services in order to assist companies, public and private institutions, governments and non-profit organizations bid successfully for international tenders relating to development projects that are financed by Multilateral Institutions. Also we provide international technical assistances to companies for the successful implementation of their projects.

International Tenders are an important tool for Internationalization of your company and constitutes an interesting source of Business or Funding Opportunities.

In this regard, we support the company during all phases of international bidding process help: Identify international tenders and projects of interest; to prepare proposals and execute projects.

The Multilateral Market and the International tenders

The Multilateral Market is an excellent source of Business Opportunities for any company, regardless of size, sector of activity or area of expertise to offer their services and products in countries around the world and diversify and expand its internationalization process. In other words, the Multilateral Market provides many businesses opportunities for the Projects Execution in other International Markets beneficiaries of Multilateral Financing.

Although there are companies and organizations that have been working in the Multilateral Market for years, until relatively recently was a little known market.

The economic crisis has motivated many companies and institutions have had to focus in the international market to try to obtain other funding sources and open up to other markets for the provision of their services. In this process, the programs and projects financed by multilateral organizations like the World Bank, United Nations and the Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) as well as the European Union and non-profit organizations provide interesting businesses opportunities for participation.

Constantly the Multilateral Financial Institutions as well as other international organizations and different public administrations of different countries call for a huge number of Bids and Tenders.

The International tenders are called for Project Implementation, which can be specified in three types: services, Technical Assistance and Consulting; the supply of goods and equipment or the execution of infrastructure Works.

Membership of the Multilateral Market

The Multilateral Market is composed of the Multilateral Organizations and Multilateral Financial Institutions are the multilateral development banks: the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); Banks African and Asian Development, the World Bank Group, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; the Europaid from the European Union; The United Nations and its agencies; Bilateral Development Cooperation Agencies.

 Advantages of participation for the companies: Safety Collection by the tenderer and Transparent bidding and awarding process